Seek to Live a Quiet Life

            There was a time I wanted to meet each thing that happened—at a party, the next person who came through the door; the next great philosophical insight; the child who, being born, would reveal the deep truth of creation. I waited for forty years and nothing came. There was no white horse, no knight, … Continue reading Seek to Live a Quiet Life

April showers bring May powers

It's no secret that Mother's Day can be stressful for many people. For me, it was watching my mother-in-law, a woman who had a hand in raising me in my teen years and stayed by my side despite our very strange, yet functional-to-mental-illness relationship, deteriorate for nearly three years with ALS and then have two … Continue reading April showers bring May powers

For He Who Lives More Lives Than One…

Age ten was the first time I thought about being forty—the age Oscar Wilde was when he was imprisoned and wrote The Ballad of Reading Gaol. I assumed I would similarly have a long literary career by that time—though without the ball and chain. As age twenty came, then more and more children, that daydream … Continue reading For He Who Lives More Lives Than One…

Many Sparrows

I am 8, I am reading the dictionary, I have been through the American Medical Association book four times front-to-back. I read Wilde and Poe and understand light refraction. I dissect dead turtles and frogs. I measure the doppler effect of large farm trucks on the endless expanse of 1980s country roads. I write my … Continue reading Many Sparrows

The Wild Mind

“Art itself has become an extraordinary thing - the activity of peculiar people - people who become more and more peculiar as their activity becomes more and more extraordinary.”Eric Gill, Art and a Changing Civilisation, (“The Creative Process”) Creativity as a discussion is as subjective and varied as created material. Whether contemplating art, writing, music, architecture, … Continue reading The Wild Mind

Ask Us About Our Basements

I was sitting here in my melancholy--some reasons valid, others, not so much--and I asked myself what potentially marketable skills do I have that, when combined with anxiety and introversion, would contribute to our single-income large family.  I have been substitute teaching, but that is sparse and hardly lucrative. I hate and/or am terrible at … Continue reading Ask Us About Our Basements