We wail…

I was thinking about the developing cancel culture and how this is contrary to followers of Christ. While the reaction is understandable—even reasonable—this response alienates the very principles by which we profess to live. Though I defend there is inherent morality in all but the most debase of people, there is a principle in the … Continue reading We wail…

Painting Time

We are going strong in our writing group, so I thought I'd share my story from the prompt we did today, which was writing a flash story from a painting in our home. I chose this one, a gift from my Mother-in-Law: Enjoy! Tallulah Everyone hated the Eiffel Tower except her. She thought it was … Continue reading Painting Time

Many Sparrows

I am 8, I am reading the dictionary, I have been through the American Medical Association book four times front-to-back. I read Wilde and Poe and understand light refraction. I dissect dead turtles and frogs. I measure the doppler effect of large farm trucks on the endless expanse of 1980s country roads. I write my … Continue reading Many Sparrows

The Wild Mind

“Art itself has become an extraordinary thing - the activity of peculiar people - people who become more and more peculiar as their activity becomes more and more extraordinary.”Eric Gill, Art and a Changing Civilisation, (“The Creative Process”) Creativity as a discussion is as subjective and varied as created material. Whether contemplating art, writing, music, architecture, … Continue reading The Wild Mind

Ask Us About Our Basements

I was sitting here in my melancholy--some reasons valid, others, not so much--and I asked myself what potentially marketable skills do I have that, when combined with anxiety and introversion, would contribute to our single-income large family.  I have been substitute teaching, but that is sparse and hardly lucrative. I hate and/or am terrible at … Continue reading Ask Us About Our Basements

The Poor in Spirit

  I think in the lesson of faith, gratitude has to be the most important skeleton, otherwise the negativity of the world overwhelms me. I always feel the feather of gratitude beatific and ethereally tip-toeing around my blanket-covered face, but then a window opens, morning air is breathed, and I know, at crux, the world … Continue reading The Poor in Spirit

Passive gratitude

I read my cousin's Instagram meme about gratitude and it was the last question, "What have you done today that showed your gratitude?" that propelled my initial response of "I have no idea." This probably isn't good. Then the idea of passive gratitude struck me; I think we spend a lot of our time having gracious thoughts … Continue reading Passive gratitude


You've all been there: The days leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas can make us ignore the browning, dying flora; we transition from festive ennui to confident exposition of intention in the new year; then follows the monotony of January, the desperate hope for spring in February. By March, most are aching for birds and … Continue reading Winter